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75% of our items are in stock and ship with in TWO DAYS! We have only a few Items on the website that are listed as pre-orders and those ship the same day they arrive to our warehouse! (You will never be charged for what is not in stock or what is not ready to ship). You will receive an email after payment with a copy of your invoice. A second email with a tracking number will be sent after the shipping label is printed. Emails usually arrive within 5 minutes of each other. I promise you will not find a wholesale distributor that works faster than us! We want YOU to succeed and we have every intention of making that happen!

We ship every order PRIORITY and through USPS. This means....TWO or THREE DAY DELIVERY !!! (Tracking numbers are for USPS). If you lose your tracking information, we can always retrieve it for you.  

Shipping is added to your final invoice upon shipping. Upon registering, we will call/email and ask for your payment information to keep on file. When your order is being processed, we will add shipping to your invoice and charge the card you give us. Please make sure your card is up to date!