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Wholesale Registration

Hello! **Please COPY & PASTE the following to a new email** & send to!

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale line! We would love to be apart of your boutique!

In order to be approved, please answer the following questionnaire :

1. First Name :
2. Last Name :
3. Boutique Address (& Billing if Different) :
4. Contact Number :
5. Preferred Email on File :
6. Are you Brick & Mortar or Online Only?
7. How many Locations?
8. Boutique Name :
9. Retail Sales Tax Permit :

10. Tell us about you Boutique!! Who is your Target Customer? :

**Please attach links to your social media and/or website!!**

After Approval, we will send you a link to activate your account. After activation, you will create a login and you're free to shop!!

99% of our items are in stock and ship SAME DAY! We have only a few Items on the website that are listed as pre-orders and those ship the same day they arrive to our warehouse! (You will never be charged for what is not in stock or what is not ready to ship). You will receive an email after payment with a copy of your invoice. A second email with a tracking number will be sent after the shipping label is printed. Emails usually arrive within 5 minutes of each other. I promise you will not find a wholesale distributor that works faster than us! We want YOU to succeed and we have every intention of making that happen! :)

-After you place your first order, we will call you to get your credit card information. We only do this so we can go in and add a shipping charge to your order, and we will manually process it. Shipping is not added at check in. We manually enter it because we want the cheapest form for you! We would rather you spend your money on what you can profit from and We GUARANTEE  your payment information and account information is 100% SECURE.

-After you answer the questions above, we will approve your account if you are in an area that is not already zip code protected. To be zip code protected, we require you order a minimum of 10 styles per month.
An email with more information about us and how we work will be sent after approval.

We can't wait to hear back from you!!

Thank you!

Cake Babes